In 2015 the Wyoming Legislature overwhelmingly approved the Wyoming Food Freedom Act, which took effect in March 2015. The change in Wyoming law caused a small boom in the economy - enough of a boom that it was featured in Forbes Magazine.

Other states enacted their own “food freedom” laws with similar results. During this time, according to Forbes"there has not been a single outbreak of a foodborne illness. Completely exempt from any licensing, permitting, or inspection requirements, residents operating under their state’s food freedom act can create and sell almost any homemade dish imaginable, except those that contain meat."

Five years later and a bill has been introduced that would expand the nation's first food freedom law. The food freedom amendment would open the door for homemade jams to be sold in grocery stores and served in restaurants, according to Reason Magazine.

59 lawmakers voted in for the bipartisan amendment, which is now before a legislative committee.

"While some growers and producers have managed to create and market their own home-produced products, many around the state have been unable to branch out beyond the traditional farmers market circuit, forced to travel long distances to the proper venues for their goods," the Casper Star-Tribune reported last week.

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