A bill has been introduced that would ban government gun buy backs in the state of Wyoming.

In a recent YouTube vlog by Broken Arrow Armory, Wyoming State senator and Vice President of the senate Ogden Driskill explains that he does not believe tax payer money should go for such a program. He does not to see any government agency participating in a buy back. Senator Driskill has no problem with private interests spending their own money to to the same, however.

He expressed concern that buy-back programs are a pathway to larger gun rights issues. "Gun buy backs tend to be precursors to involuntary seizure of weapons."

The Wyoming bill opens by stating:

AN ACT relating to firearms; clarifying the applicability of the preemption of firearms regulation by the state; prohibiting governmental entities from operating firearm buyback programs; conforming language; and providing for an effective date.

Sponsored by: Representative(s) Lindholm, Blackburn, Blake, Clem, Greear, Loucks, MacGuire and Olsen and Senator(s) Coe, Driskill, Landen, Pappas and Schuler

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