Before you hit the road, be sure to check out the webcams along your route. Most are refreshed every few minutes, so you're sure to get the very best up-to-the-minute status and road conditions. Click here for Road Closures and Advisories.

I-25 Web Cameras

I-80 Web Cameras

I-90 Web Cameras

Non-Interstate Web Cameras

Interstate 25 Web Cameras

Wyo Hill - South of Cheyenne

Cheyenne South POE - South of Cheyenne

College Drive - Cheyenne Near the College Drive Exit

Cheyenne North - North of Cheyenne

Whitaker - Between Cheyenne and Chugwater

Bordeaux - 10 Miles South of Wheatland

Deer Creek - Near Glenrock

Casper - Bryan Stock Trail/Beverly Street Exit

Twenty Mile Road - 20 Miles North of Casper

Interstate 80 Web Cameras

Evanston POE - Near the Utah State Line

Evanston - Near Evanston

First Divide - East of Evanston

Church Butte - Near Lyman

Little America - 35 miles west of Rock Springs

Peru Hill - 22 miles west of Rock Springs

Green River Tunnel

Rock Springs West - Near Rock Springs

Rock Springs - I-80 and Elk Street

Baxter Road - Near Rock Springs

Point of Rocks - 25 miles east of Rock Springs

Bitter Creek


Continental Divide - West of Rawlins

Creston Junction - West of Rawlins

Hadsell Interchange - West of Rawlins

Sinclair - East of Rawlins

Walcott Junction - 20 miles east of Rawlins

Halleck Ridge - Near Elk Mountain

Elk Mountain - Elk Mountain Interchange

County Road 402 - East of Elk Mountain Interchange

Wagonhound - Near Wagonhound Rest Area

Foote Creek

Arlington - Near Arlington

Arlington East - Near Arlington

Cooper Cove - East of Arlington

Quealy Dome - 21 miles west of Laramie

Herrick Lane - 13 miles west of Laramie

Laramie West - West of Laramie

Laramie East of Laramie

The Summit - The Summit between Cheyenne and Laramie

Summit East - The Summit between Cheyenne and Laramie

Summit Tavern - Between the Summit and Vedauwoo

Vedauwoo - Near the Vedauwoo exit

Remount - Between Cheyenne and Vedauwoo

Harriman - Between Cheyenne and Vedauwoo

Warren Interchange - Near the Warren Interchange

Roundtop - Near Cheyenne

Cheyenne East POE - East of Cheyenne

Pine Bluffs - Near the Nebraska state line

Interstate 90 Web Cameras

Montana State Line

Ranchester - North of Sheridan

Dietz POE - North of Sheridan

Sheridan - Adjacent to Sheridan

Piney Creek - Between Buffalo and Sheridan

Buffalo - Located at I-25 exit

Indian Creek Road

Mile Marker 108 - Near Kingsbury Road

Gillette - East of Gillette

Inyan Kara

Sundance East POE - East of Sundance


Non-Interstate Routes Web Cameras

Kemmerer POE - US 30 west of Kemmerer

Pinedale - US 191 - 6 miles west of Pinedale

Alpine Junction - US 89 at Alpine Junction

Lander - The intersection of US 287 and WYO 789

Lusk - US 18/20 - near Lusk

Waltman - US 20/26 - 48 miles west of Casper

Hiland - US 20/26 - 52 miles west of Casper

Pumpkin Vine - US 287, 18 miles South of Laramie

Frannie POE - US 310 - Frannie Port of Entry

Cheyenne River - WYO 59 - North of Douglas

Belle Fourche - WYO 59 - North of Douglas

Pathfinder - WYO 220 - 25 miles west of Junction WYO 220/487

Pine Tree Junction - WYO 387 at Pine Tree Junction

Riverton - WYO 789 - on the Southern edge Riverton

Teton Pass - WYO 22 - Teton Pass near Jackson

South Pass - WYO 28 - New South Pass

Louis Lake - WYO 28 - Louis Lake