At the moment the maximum charge for criminal trespassing in Wyoming is six months in jail and a $750 fine. The proposed bill would raise the fine to $1,000, along with a few other changes.

The proposal SENATE FILE NO. SF0067 would also modify what trespassing means so that a person must know they are on property that they are not allowed to be on.

If confronted with a trespassing violation, the suspect might come up with any number of excuses, off the cuff. This legislation lays out a few that might be acceptable.

(i) The entry was made pursuant to a valid easement, license, lease, contract or other legal right to enter
(ii) The entry was made because of a reasonable mistake of fact
(iii) The entry was made to prevent injury or to preserve life or property in an emergency
(iv) The land or premises was at the time open to the public and the person complied with all lawful conditions imposed for accessing and remaining on or in the land or premises
(v) The person believed he was authorized to enter or remain on the land or premises based on reasonable use of a land status map or a global positioning system device

The bill is sponsored by: Senator(s) Boner, Driskill and Kost and Representative(s) Barlow, Kirkbride and Lindholm

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