According to a story on CNN, a teenager who wants to be a cartographer when he graduates. Her father thought the map she made was funny, so he shared a photo of it on twitter.

According to CNN, this young lady has, “Nothing against Wyoming, it just doesn’t exist,” … “Having it on the map is like putting Hogwarts or something on it.”

Also - Alaska is not on the map, apparently it sunk into the sea. Texas is a lot longer than it should be.

The map also shows Florida stretched out across the Gulf coastlines that are supposed t be parts of Alabama and Louisiana. According to this young lady, the civil war and force Florida to secede.

Apparently she loves Ohio so much she had to make a "second Ohio."

That and my more fun and interesting changes can be found on her map.

I wonder if we can get her to erase California?

-- Glenn Woods


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