The bill is titled - Reporting of and relief from firearms disqualification. Also known as House Bill 0059.

Those in favor of the bill say it will open an opportunity for those who have lost their gun rights through due process, and apply to get them back. They say it will also provide retailers that sell guns some protection from liability if someone commits a crime with a gun purchased at their store.

Those against the bill say it is a "back door gun confiscation bill."

The opening paragraph of the bill states it's intent:

AN ACT relating to public safety; providing that certain mental health information that evidences federal firearms disqualification may be reported as specified; creating a procedure for persons disqualified for mental health reasons to challenge their disqualification; requiring the division of criminal investigation to collect and report specified mental health information; requiring state and local agencies to report specified mental health information and designate persons to receive notice; providing for limited liability as specified; and providing for an effective date. 

But those opposing the bill say that it's stated intent is a ploy.

We invited on guests, both for and against the bill. In favor included Nephi Cole who is  with National Shooting Sports Foundation - NSSF, an organization that protects the rights of retail gun stores. [AUDIO BELOW]

Also invited was Wyoming State Senator Michael Von Flatern who is a sponsor of HB 0059. He took the time to explain what he says the true intent of the bill is and why it is needed. [AUDIO BELOW]

To balance the discussion we invited Aaron Dorr of Wyoming Gun Owners and Wyoming State Senator Anthony Bouchard. Both have been very vocal in their opposition to the bill.

Initially they agreed to come on the show, but eventually both backed declined to comment.

The best we can offer is a call from Kit Jennings of Campbell County. Kit says he has worked with Wyoming Gun Owners and he offered us the bet opposition argument we could find. [AUDIO BELOW]


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