Recently I came across a study showing the most rat infested cities and states in America. Not one town in Wyoming made the list.

This caused me to pause and think of how many times folks from major cities have asked me why I left and moved to to a place like Wyoming. My new answer is, "Well, because Wyoming did not make the list."

What list?

Not the state, nor one town in Wyoming, shows up on the list of most crime ridden. 

We are at the bottom of the murder list.

Our income might be lower than many other states, but the cost of living and our taxes are so low we get to keep more of what we earn. For example, in my profession I could move to a major state and a major city and make 3 times the money. But it costs a little more than that to live there, so what's the point?

We did not make the list of most expensive states to live in. Not even close.

We are NOT in the top 10 worst states to live.

Wyoming did NOT make the list of "most sinful."

We did not make the list of states with the highest homeless population. Not even per-capita.

I could go on but I think you get the idea.

So from now on when friends of my ask why I live in Wyoming, I'll just point out the many miserable lists that their city or state made, and point out that Wyoming was happy to have not even been considered.

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