The University of Wyoming Cowboys football team is anticipating playing in front of crowds that can fill the stands at full capacity inside War Memorial Stadium for the 2021 season.

Tom Burman, Athletic Director at the University of Wyoming recently said that the plan is to be at full capacity for the upcoming season and vaccinations will not be required for fans, which also includes students, for them to be in attendance at home games. Burman spoke on the importance of getting fans back at full capacity:

It puts a smile on my face. It’s not just about money. It’s about the experience...I watched the PGA Championship the other day and I watched people following Phil (Mickelson) and I thought, ‘That’s what it’s all about.’ If we don’t return to that, I worry about the future of our sports. It’s not as appealing when there aren’t fans there.

The capacity at War Memorial Stadium is 29,181 seats, but of course, was limited due to precautions concerning the pandemic during the 2020 season. Home attendance had a limit of 7,000 fans to open the season initially, then was eventually limited to just 5,000 fans.

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During the past season, the University of Wyoming worked with the Wyoming Department of Health to set the applicable guidelines for each home game. But unless something significantly changes between now and the start of the season, Burman is hoping they can plan on being at full capacity. Burman also spoke about the hopes of being at full capacity going forward:

Right now, everything is in go-forward mentality...Obviously everything is contingent on the status of COVID over the summer. How things work for Cheyenne Frontier Days. If there’s anything they learn from that, then we’ll probably adjust accordingly. But we’re selling tickets and moving forward as if we’re going to have full crowds.

Season tickets for the upcoming season are currently ahead of the pace they were for the 2019 season at this time of year. They have sold 7,615 season tickets so far for the 2021 season and Burman hopes they will be able to sell 8,500 season tickets before the season begins.

Hopefully, it can play out the way Burman is anticipating so the fans can pack the stands throughout the 2021 season at War Memorial Stadium. Go Pokes!

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