A Wyoming pro-2nd Amendment group is pointing the finger at certain local politicians after HOUSE BILL NO. HB0059 was introduced for the upcoming 2020 legislative session.

The opening paragraph of the bill reads:

AN ACT relating to public safety; providing that certain mental health information that evidences federal firearms disqualification may be reported as specified; creating a procedure for persons disqualified for mental health reasons to challenge their disqualification; requiring the division of criminal investigation to collect and report specified mental health information; requiring state and local agencies to report specified mental health information and designate persons to receive notice; providing for limited liability as specified; and providing for an effective date.

FROM THE GUN NEWS WEBSITE: (Highlights from post)

There seems to be a common theme in the Northwest: No state is safe from gun control being pushed by both Democrats and Republicans.

Because it isn’t just the Democrats that are pushing gun control, it’s Republicans who are trying to stab gun owners in the back too.

Rep. Bill Pownall, a Republican from Gillette and disgraced former sheriff, is pushing hard (House Bill 59) to dump as many gun owner names into the Federal NICS database as he can.

Now, Republican lawmakers in Wyoming want to add more names to that database?

Perhaps one of the biggest concerns from gun owners is the current push for Red Flag laws nationwide.

HB 59 is the first step to helping the ultimate push for Red Flag laws. Gun owners in Wyoming should do everything they can to oppose HB 59, and Republican Representative Bill Pownall should shelve the bill immediately.

Wyoming State Senator Anthony Bouchard posted on his FaceBook page: When asked in open committee, "Why is there a need for this, are there cases that warrant the need?" The answer was: "we don't know of any..." . It has a false promise of 'due process' in the bill. No matter what action is taken by the state to remove someone from a federal prohibition list, it isn't going to happen. 

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