Many cities, counties, states, and even countries have tried gun buy back programs in the hopes that taking as many guns off the streets as possible would reduce crimes committed with guns used as the weapon.

But when the numbers are run they show that these buy back programs do not produces the results that were hoped for. The murder rate does not drop, neither does the suicide rate or the crimes committed with a gun used as the tool of choice.

This has caused some governments, from local on up, to rethink what they thought was going to be an effective program.

So then, how interesting is it that a bill has been sponsored in the Wyoming House, (HB0028) for the upcoming 2020 session, that would make it illegal for Wyoming governments to implement a buy back program?

The Wyoming bill opens by stating:

AN ACT relating to firearms; clarifying the applicability of the preemption of firearms regulation by the state; prohibiting governmental entities from operating firearm buyback programs; conforming language; and providing for an effective date.

Sponsored by: Representative(s) Lindholm, Blackburn, Blake, Clem, Greear, Loucks, MacGuire and Olsen and Senator(s) Coe, Driskill, Landen, Pappas and Schuler

We will reach out to some of the sponsors of this bill to see if they would like to come on the Wake Up Wyoming program.

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