Colorado State University and University of Northern Colorado have both been home to the Broncos training camp. But could they be home to the Patriots next week?

According to ESPN, the New England Patriots will be staying in Colorado after their game with the Broncos on Sunday and before they fly to Mexico City to take on the Raiders.

The one question mark in the air, that we all wonder if it will ever be answered, is where they plan on practicing. While the Patriots have stated that they will be practicing at a "local university", there has been no indication on where that might be.

Could the Patriots find it useful by practicing at the brand new football stadium that Colorado State University offers?

Maybe the proximity of the University of Northern Colorado to Denver International Airport could be attractive?

Of course, they could always practice at CU-Boulder, University of Denver, or the Air Force Academy. But I think CSU or UNC would be their best choices, don't you?

One of the benefits of the team staying in Colorado after the game is that they can practice in the high elevation before they play in another high elevation city. The elevation of Mexico City is 7,382 feet above sea level.

The last time the University of Northern Colorado was home to Broncos training camp was in 2002, when they wrapped up 21 years of practice on campus. The last time CSU was home to the Denver Broncos was back in 1981.

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