The final numbers are in for the first major snow storm of 2020, which occurred right at the beginning of February.

Big numbers are being tossed around on social media. But now we can look at the official report to see who won the privilege of WHO IN WYOMING HAD TO DIG DEEPEST TO FIND THEIR CAR?

Buffal, 16 inches.

Casper Airport almost took the prize at 15.7 inches. Technically they had to dig to find their airplanes.

Casper Mountain was close behind at 14 inches.

Afton Wyoming, 12.5 inches.

Riverton 12 inches.

Thermopolis 10 inches.

Those all all impressive numbers. But to find the biggest numbers, by far, we have to visit Lander.

 9 SSE LANDER...                   20.6 INCHES.  
 9 SSE LANDER...                   18.5 INCHES.  
 6 SW LANDER...                    17.6 INCHES.  
 ATLANTIC CITY...                    17 INCHES.  
 1 W LANDER...                       16 INCHES.  
 7 SW LANDER...                      14 INCHES.  
 1 N LANDER...                       14 INCHES.  
 LANDER AIRPORT...                 13.7 INCHES.  
 7 WNW LANDER...                   13.6 INCHES.  
 HUDSON...                         13.1 INCHES.  
 RIVERTON...                       12.7 INCHES.  
 LANDER...                         11.2 INCHES.

You can find all official totals at the National Weather Service site.

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