When Mayor Orr of Cheyenne declared a "pothole emergency," by executive order, I immediately began searching for the perfect pothole song to talk about it on air.

The song that I used on air is by comedian Rita Brent - "Can You Rock Me Like a Pothole" is a smooth soulful song done with a sweet smile and a wink. Since the pothole problem is in Wyoming's capital city, it helps that she mentions driving down Capital Street in the beginning of the song.

Rita Brent had the song that bit best. But there were several runners up to choose from...

The Pothole Song, by Richie Kavanagh, is fun to watch but the song is about potholes in Ireland.

Across America, a couple of local DJ's came up with their own local pothole song - but their song did not fit Cheyenne' situation as well as Rita's.

I asked Mayor Orr if she would lip-sync to Can You Rock Me Like A Pothole. I'm not sure if she will say yes, but we can only hope.

-- Glenn Woods

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