A proposal by State Sen. Eli Bebout, Republican-Riverton Wyoming, would earmark less money for bigger Wyoming towns and give the difference to the smaller towns.

During a meeting at the Joint Appropriations Committee last week, the senator pointed out that the larger Wyoming towns never seem to have enough. "There's never enough money for the larger cities," Bebout said.  "I expect them to say, very delicately, that they don't like it, and I get that."

However Mayor Marian Orr of Cheyenne had some favorable things to say about Bebout's amendment, even though its passage would mean less money for her city.

Mayors of smaller towns pointed out that they do not have much of a tax base to support some basic city needs. This was the reason for Bebout's proposal.

Bebout expects a lot of opposition to his proposal in the next legislative session, which begins February 10th.

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