There is a hint at the lower altitudes. The colors are in full swing high up.

Now is the time to enjoy Wyoming's fall colors, end of September Beginning of October, 2019.

The paint of the beautiful paint and shrubs are slowly leaking down. Soon it will be the low riversides that you'll want to walk.

If you don't have the time to get out much then I would suggest the FaceBook page Wyoming Through The Lens for the best professional and armature photographers  and videographers in the state. They will take you to the places that you probably either don't know about, or don't have time to go to.

I was on a mountain top this weekend. This is a good year for color, making up for a few dull years. It's well worth it to get out and hike before the winter white drops all those leaves to the ground.

--- Glenn Woods

Photo By Glenn Woods
Photo By Tim Mandese

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