There is a good chance that Republicans can regain control of The House Of Representatives - that is, if polling and trends are to be believed.

So let's say that happens. Who would Speaker Pelosi hand the gavel over too?

At least in some circles, there’s a growing belief that it might wind up being Liz Cheney. These rumblings come from both liberal and conservative media as well as others "in the know" in D.C..

Rep. Liz Cheney’s (R-Wyo.) unexpected decision to forgo a Senate bid has GOP colleagues speculating she has ambitions beyond her No. 3 post among House Republicans.

While many GOP lawmakers were surprised that Cheney opted against running to replace outgoing Sen. Mike Enzi (R-Wyo.), particularly with her strong polling numbers, several argued that staying in the House offers her a quicker path to the top.

“She has more power and voice here. [She’s] angling to be Speaker if the top two can’t pull it off,” one GOP lawmaker said, adding that the House is “a shorter route to meaningful power than Senate backbench.”

When Senator Mike Enzi announced that he was retiring at the end of this term, the conservative blog Hot Air wrote about Liz Cheney’s role in the drama to come. The speculation was that Cheney might run to replace, as she has always had her eye on that seat.

But now, Hot Air Blog writes: The rapid rate of Liz Cheney’s rise to power in the House came as a surprise to many in the punditry community, myself included. In just three short years she’s gone from being a freshman who didn’t know where the ladies’ room was located to holding the third most powerful position in the House GOP structure. But does she have her eyes on something even bigger?

Some of those same D.C. blogs say that Cheney pictures herself as a possible presidential contender… possibly the first woman president.

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