Imagine arriving at work just to get a little extra done on the weekend. You are the only one in the six-story building on Capital Ave. On your way back down to go home, the elevator stops, and will not move. No one can hear you. Will your cell phone be able to find a signal?

If you listen to Wake Up Wyoming on 650AM KGAB in Cheyenne, you know the voice of our local news anchor and reporter, Doug Randall. Well, this is happened to him.

There here was, the only one in the building on the weekend. Elevator, not moving. He went to his cell phone to try for 911, hoping he could get a signal...

Later that day Doug sent me the following note:

Dude, I just got stuck in the elevator at work. Had to call 911 and have the Cheyenne Fire Department get me out. And no, I am not kidding. While I was stuck in there the 911 operator asked me if I worked with Glenn Woods...again, not a joke.

Is it wrong that I laughed so hard at the 911 operator's question - and never bothered to ask Doug if he was okay?

(Glenn Woods)

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