It’s been a difficult week for high school spring sport student-athletes, particularly the seniors. It’s no different in Laramie.

The cancellation of the season for Plainsmen and Lady Plainsmen soccer, plus Laramie High School Track and Field due to the coronavirus pandemic brought expected reaction. Both coaches and players are disappointed.

Both Laramie Track head coach Greg Schabron and LHS girls’ soccer coach Raquel Clark had similar reactions.

Schabron said sadly I was kind of expecting it.

“You know, hoping that things might turn around and getting back to school and the season. Even with that kind of expectation, it doesn’t seem real at this point, so just sad a little bit here.”

Clark said, “I kind of felt like it was coming for a while, but to officially get it was pretty sad. Overall, for the girls and the school and the parents and my assistant coaches, reality hit for sure.”

Laramie Plainsmen head coach Anne Moore admitted she was dejected.

“I’m not only the coach, but I’m also a mom of a senior, and it was just heartbreaking for the kids because they’ve been kind of holding out that hope that we could salvage some part of the season, and then reality hit Tuesday.”

Moore said she’s looking for a way to pay tribute to her squad and make a negative into a positive.

All three Laramie coaches just want the student-athletes to know they are there for them.

Schabron said he and the staff want them to be in a good place.

“We want to make sure the kids are all upbeat, positive, and have something to focus on. We had about 135 sign up for the track team that first week (of practice in March) and so huge momentum. What we’re asking of kids is just to keep working out, stay healthy and active right now, and we’re going to lean on them to keep bringing that same momentum they started on week one in April.”

Moore said her communication began with calling her four seniors on Tuesday night after the news broke.

“My message is to hang in there. There’s nothing we can do, it’s out of our control. I’m here for you and whatever you need to help you finish out this semester. If you need someone to talk to, I’m here, and just trying to give them that positive support.”

She’s looking for an idea to also recognize the seniors for all their effort and time they put it. Moore said it’ll be like a ‘Senior Day’ that they were denied. She added it won’t be for just boys’ soccer, but she wants to include all three teams from the spring.

Clark said she had a chance to reach out to her squad just before the cancellation announcement went to the media. They’ve got an online meeting planned for Saturday.

“Our coaches have already let them know we’re here for them for everything, including soccer, and just their overall well-being, as they transition to online school and deal with just the sadness of not being able to play, especially the seniors.”

She mentioned they delivered some mini-sized balls to the girls on the team for individual training and a morale boost.

“Our message is to keep going for their goals and to reach out. We’re going to be there for them every step of the way, whatever they need this spring.”

It’s all part of the wonderful relationship coaches and teachers have with students and student-athletes. All three coaches admitted to missing ‘their kids.’

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