The title of the video is: "This small Wyoming town has been pulling off the ultimate prank since 1940", and it comes from the YouTube page The National Desk.

In their video they claim that someone from Douglas Wyoming wanted to invent something to sell to tourist, so he invented the "myth" of the Jackalope.

In the video description they claim: "When you enter the town of Douglas in eastern Wyoming you’re greeted by a giant statue of an animal that looks like a jack rabbit with antlers. It's called a jackalope and it's basically Wyoming's big foot." They want us to believe it was all a money making ploy.

They want us to believe that the Jackalope was invented as a "get-rich-quick scheme by two brothers in Wyoming."

Well I've got news for you, National Desk. If you come to Wyoming we would be more than happy, for a small fee, to show you a REAL Jackalope...

Money making ploy indeed. How dare you.

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