"When you call me that, smile," said the Virginian, in the old novel by the same name. At issue was a matter of honor.

Many years ago I was disgusted to read that a NYC high school kid had stabbed another student when he insulted his sneakers. Those are things just not worth fighting for.

Here in Wyoming, when we fight amongst ourselves, used to have a bit more meaning. I worry that some of those old fights over what is worth fighting for is slipping.

There was the famous fist fight in the Wyoming House of Representatives. The stakes were high. The argument was over Democrat-Republican balance of an elections committee that would determine the outcome of three contested House races, and thus gain power over the party balance of the entire House. The event is known about but officially they voted to scrub the 45 minuet brawl from the record.

Wyomingites used to fight over card games, cattle and land. Men fought over women. Women fought over men.

But when I read a story on our website that says, Argument Over Feeding Dog Table Scraps Led to Weld County Murders it got me thinking that maybe we have reached a new low and a new kind of stupid.

Drunk Wyoming Guys Threaten Co-Worker, Wet Themselves, Go To Jail? Are you kidding me?

The three men met up at a bar in Jackson after work, according to the Jackson Hole News & Guide. While they were complaining about a co-worker they didn't like, the men hatched a plan to confront him. When the cops arrived, the three men admitted they had threatened their co-worker because "they didn't like him". The police blotter notes that two of the three men were "obviously intoxicated and had urinated in their pants".

Figures these 3 guys were from Jackson Hole. Real Wyoming men would not have wet themselves.

So here is my plea to the people of Wyoming:  When we fight, can we make it over something a little more impressive than who's feeding the dog scraps under the table.

After all - we have a national reputation to protect.

--- Glenn Woods