There is a trail in Wyoming that stretches from the southern most end of Medicine Bow National Forest and follows the continental divide at an angle up to the western edge of Yellowstone National  Park.

It is Wyoming's longest trail.

But Wyoming covers only just part of The Continental Divide Trail. Its full length is about 3,100 miles and spans 5 states. The Wyoming section is only about 600 miles.

That makes The Continental Divide Trail more demanding, by far, than the Appalachian trail, which wanders along the top of the continent's east coast mountain chain and is about 2,200 miles long.

In my youth, my mother and I walked sections of the Appalachian. We dreamed of walking the entire thing at once but knew we would never make the time to do it. But that's okay. There was plenty to see in the sections we did take.

For the adventures and hardy hiker, it can take a couple of weeks to trek the Wyoming section of the Continental Divide Trail, but there is no need to do it all at once. Finding a section to enjoy when the time and weather permits is more than enough to explore the wonders across this great state, on foot.

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