If you live in the more rural parts of the United States you are used to slowing down and gripping the wheel when you see some animals near the edge of the highway.

Sometimes you don't see them - they just jump out and it's too late.

We have all seen the highway splatter (that I will not go into detail about) when one meets a truck on the interstate.

At the same time, are you surprised at how tough these animals are? How many times have you seen one take a hit only to watch it get up and run off like nothing happened?

In the video below, you'll see a deer attempt to make it across the highway by jumping between a camper trailer and the truck that's pulling it. Bad Move Bambi.

I think the only reason she survived this was the thin outer shell and the internal padding (insulation) of the inside. While I'm sure it still hurt, that thin shell and soft center of the wall made a nice cushion. She takes the hit and quickly leaps away into the woods.

Now if you are thinking - wow those animals are STUPID - please look below the video at a list of The Absolute Worst Tourist Incidences At Yellowstone and you'll see some real stupid animals....

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