As you have probably heard by now, the Washington Redskins will be changing their team name. But they have not said to what the new name will be yet.

That's okay - just ask the people of Wyoming to call the Wake Up Wyoming morning radio show lots of VERY interesting suggestions will come pouring in.

1) Keep the name Red Skins. Just change the picture from an Indian to a potato. 

2) The Washington Bribes. We know the politicians will love to hate that one.

3) The Washington Karen's. Karen gets picked on a lot these days so why not.

4) How about The DC Redskins, since George Washington offends some people?

5) This one I actually LOVE. The Washington Red Tails. It comes with a Great Logo. Redtails was the nickname coined for the Tuskegee Airmen, the first African-American military aviators in the United States Armed Forces.

There were some other ideas that callers came up with but I could not say them on the air and will not write them here. Just can't do it.

One caller suggested that we don't name football teams, just number them. Who could be offended by numbers?

So I pointed out to them that 1 is the loneliest number and that will trigger single people.

Name the team The Washington #2's and here come the poop jokes.

Some numbers have sexual innuendos. Lets not go there.

Can't name the team 777. That has religious implications that will offend people.

666 will just demonize the team.

I'm sure no matter what name is picked someone will find it offensive. So just pick a good one and leave it, okay?

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