I know, you're busy.

It's typical for people to tell me that they were only able to hear part of the show each day because of work, school, and all the other things life keeps us busy with.

But you can listen to the show any time you want. FREE!

No commercials, or news, no sports. Just show content. The host (that's me) callers and guests. That's all.

You can even pause it when you get busy.

Watch the video above for instructions or just follow the steps below.

Download the Wake Up Wyoming App. Again, it's FREE.

You'll see the tool bar just below the featured story of the day. Use the arrow to scroll to the right. Just keep scrolling until you see PODCAST. There it is. Tap on that. You'll see the Wake Up Wyoming show logo. Tap on that. What will come up next is a list of all of the daily shows.

Each daily life show is loaded to the app moments after the life show is over.

You can listen right off the app or you can save your minuets by downloading the show and listing off  your phone. Just delete the show when you are done to save space. Good news is, these shows don't take up much space.

If you heard a program you want to share you can do that to by sending a link or sending what you have downloaded.

There are a few listeners that tell me they are too busy to listen during the week, so they catch up on the weekend when they are working around the house or on a road trip.

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