You've seen ant farms. Some of us even had them when we were kids.

But it would be crazy to do the same with bees, right? What if something went wrong and they all swarmed the house?

The makers of this bee farm, seen in the video below, swear that, with proper installation, there will not be any problems.

Now you can watch bees do what bees do, and enjoy the honey they make, right there in your own living room. Forget turning on the TV when you have this thing going.

Personally, I'd have a problem with all the buzzing. I'd probably put this in some outside building where I could go and see them, but not have the danger or the noise in my house.

Set up is easy. No assembly. No need to drill holes in your walls. The hives are shipped with the bees already installed. You do not need to be an experienced bee keeper. Just attach the wall mount and bracket and install the window unit, which allows the bees to go inside and out.

You'll see, in the video below, that as the colony grows you can add additional boxes if you wish. Or you can let the expanded colony swarm and move on out into the world.

I still can't see doing this in my home, but I love the idea of having one of these in a different building, or at a school where the students can watch them in the classroom.

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