What has changed is that we are able to spot them more easily with our modern radar and satellite systems. Also, with more people living in the most effected areas and nearly everyone carrying a cell phone, we get pictures and videos of more of them posted instantly, if not live.

Something that is also new is rise of the "Storm Chasers" who have large fan followings on social media. They go chasing the most promising storm cells across the landscape and broadcast live what they are seeing.

All of this makes us think that there is a sharp uptick in the amount of tornadic activity. While the numbers of twisters does vary from year to year, the long term trend does not show a sharp increase. Though we must keep in mind that when we first started keeping records we did not see almost every tornado, as we do now with today's technology.

BUT ENOUGH OF THAT! There are people out there taking some fantastic videos. Let's look at a few.


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