America loves pizza, but the price of slice can vary widely across the country. Here's a look at a couple of aspects of the pie we love. Who has the most restaurants? Whose pizza costs the most?

Datafinity has researched the price of pizza in every state, as well as which states have the most restaurants serving up pizza.

North Dakota came in #1 for the most expensive pizza, Wyoming is #2.

The median price of a plain pizza in North Dakota costs $14. In Wyoming, it's $13.

Finishing out the top five most expensive pizzas is Washington/$12.73, New York/$12.50 and at number 5: Florida/ $12.

The least expensive median price of a large, plain cheese pizza is Alaska/$7.25.

“North Dakota and Wyoming have the most highest median prices. While there is no distinct regional trend, there are some possible explanations for what we see. These states have fewer pizzerias, which tend to be more upscale, artisanal sit-down restaurants. So in cases where you can find pizza, it’s just a more expensive variety.”

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