Happy National Pizza Month, everyone! Honestly, I had no idea that October was National Pizza Month. It's probably because I'm too busy eating too much of it. But what exactly are Wyomingites ordering on their pizza?

There's several place to enjoy pizza from in Cheyenne and in Wyoming for that matter. In fact, recently we posted what Wyoming's favorite pizza place is. But what is Wyoming's favorite topping. Luckily, our friends at Zippia did the research because let's face it, we're much too lazy for that. They found out what each state's favorite topping is. And in Wyoming, we're all about the meats (please don't say that in an Arby's voice). Wyoming's favorite type of pizza is a Meat Lover's!

I am proud to be apart of this as I love Meat Lover's pizza. It's amazing! However, some states need to expand their tastes more. It seems that 29 states are a fan of 'cheese pizza' as their favorite. Really? It's just cheese! Apparently no one's let them know that at some point there was an inventing of a thing called 'toppings'.

Wyoming also showed up as having the 22nd most pizza places in the country. That's not too shabby. Near the middle. Not showing off, not falling behind, we'll take it.

However, there are a few states that picked some unconventional toppings for their favorite, such as North Dakota, New Mexico, and Georgia. They picked Hawaiian pizza as their favorite. Pineapple does not belong on pizza and I will debate you to the death on that (and there still won't be a fly that lands on my head during that debate even if I am near death, just saying).

So there you go, Wyomingites love Meat Lover's. For the full map of what each state holds as a favorite type of pizza, check out the link here.

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