With the state championship wrestling tournament approaching on Feb. 28 and 29 in Casper, our friends at WyoWrestling.com have updated their rankings.

There are team and individual weight class rankings. WyoWrestling.com also ranks wrestlers regardless of classification for each weight. Check out their latest update.

Rankings by Team


1. Green River

2. Kelly Walsh 

3. Cheyenne East


1. Star Valley

2. Powell

3. Worland 


1. Moorcroft 

2. Wright

3. Shoshoni

Rankings by Weight Class

All Class Rankings 


1. T. Dalton, Green River 4A, 3. T. Tromble, Natrona 4A, 5. A. Martinez, Worland 3A, 7. C. Coffman, Lusk 2A, 9. B. Coleman, Rawlins 3A


1. D. Martinez, Green River 4A, 3. B. Belvins, Cheyenne South 4A, 5. J. Guild, Star Valley 3A, 7. C. Todd, Green River 4A, 9. C. Condos, Lyman 3A


1. C. Mele, Green River 4A, 3. S. Casey, Thunder Basin 4A, 5. J. Moore, Evanston 4A, 7. A. Roberts, Cheyenne Central 4A, 9. T. Henry, Rock Springs 4A


1. A. Solano, Cheyenne East 4A, 3. C. Phelps, Pinedale 3A, 5. H. Goodwin, Sheridan 4A, 7. P. Seamands, Wright 2A, 9. S. Larson, Star Valley 3A


1. J. Palmer, Kelly Walsh 4A, 3. Z. Vasquez, Rock Springs 4A, 5. K. Knezovich, Green River 4A, 7. B. Brenton, Natrona 4A, 9. L. Ewing, Douglas 3A


1. C. Meeks, Natrona 4A, 3. N. Hone, Kelly Walsh 4A, 5. C. Linebaugh, Powell 3A, 7. K. Ewing, Douglas 3A, 9. R. Farrell, Thermopolis 2A


1. A. Benabise, Kelly Walsh 4A, 3. P. Seeley, Moorcroft 2A, 5. K. Wilcox, Natrona 4A, 7. J. Hoskins, Cheyenne East 4A, 9. C. Coon, Sheridan 4A


1. W. Carr, Thunder Basin 4A, 3. C. Christensen, Rock Springs 4A, 5. C. Reiner, Buffalo 3A, 7. R. King, Star Valley 3A, 9. S. Henderson, Kelly Walsh 4A


1. J. Hesford, Cheyenne East 4A, 3. L. Goncalves, Worland 3A, 5. J. Leininger, Green River 4A, 7. K Lenzen, Douglas 3A, 9. Z. Rising, Lingle-Ft Laramie 2A


1. J. Sweeney, Lander 3A, 3. B. Ronnau, Cheyenne East 4A, 5. L. McBee, Worland 3A, 7. L. Nathan, Kelly Walsh 4A, 9. C. Vandenburg, Star Valley 3A


1. P. Tucker, Green River 4A, 3. K Kraus, Kelly Walsh 4A, 5. V. Genatona, Natrona 4A, 7. C. Richter, Thunder Basin 4A, 9. D. Stinson, Douglas 3A


1. T. Clark, Star Valley 3A, 3. B. Banville, Burns 3A, 5. K. Lloyd, Green River 4A, 7. L. Catlin, Thunder Basin 4A, 9. K. Gantenbein, Riverton 3A


1. C. Pinkerton, Douglas 3A, 3. P. Schlater, Moorcroft 2A, 5. C. Olsen, Powell 3A, 7. B. Mortensen, Rock Springs 4A, 9. M. Wolfard, Lyman 3A


1. D. Mcinerney, Thunder Basin 4A, 3. C. Trainor, Lovell 2A, 5. H. Pope 3A, 7. E. Orozio, Evanston 4A, 9. C. Rankin, Campbell County 4A

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