The short 2-month soccer season will end at Jackson.

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Thursday, May 16:

(#1E) Thunder Basin 3 (#4W) Kelly Walsh 1

(#3E) Cheyenne East 2 (#2W) Green River 1

(#3W) Jackson 2 (#2E) Cheyenne Central 0

(#1W) Star Valley 4 (#4E) Campbell County 2

Friday, May 17:

Consolation Round:

Kelly Walsh 2 Green River 0 Green River Eliminated.

Cheyenne Central 3 Campbell County 1 Campbell County Eliminated.


Thunder Basin 3 Cheyenne East 0

Jackson 3 Star Valley 2 Shootout: 4-3

Saturday, May 18:

Kelly Walsh 1 Cheyenne Central 0 Consolation Championship

Star Valley 2 Cheyenne East 1 3rd Place

Jackson 1 Thunder Basin 0 State Championship

Half: Jackson 1-0

Goals: Jafet Hernandez-Moreno (Jackson) 33rd minute



There was no regional tournament in 3A. The top 4 teams in each conference at the end of the regular season, move on to the state tournament, and are seeded based on which place they finished in.

For the #4E seed, Douglas and Newcastle tied for the spot and split head-to-head conference games (The March 23rd game at the Worland Tournament, is not used in the tie-breaker, because it was a non-conference game, and wasn't played with 2 40-minute halves). Both teams lost twice vs. Torrington and Buffalo, and both have a tie and a loss vs. Rawlins. There are no common opponents for the 2 teams outside of the 3A East. The next tie-breaker is fewest total goals allowed in all conference games. Douglas win 21-42.

Thursday, May 16:

(#4W) Riverton 4 (#1E) Torrington 3 OT

(#2W) Powell 1 (#3E) Rawlins 0 OT

(#2E) Buffalo 1 (#3W) Cody 0 OT

(#1W) Worland 5 (#4E) Douglas 0

Friday, May 17:

Consolation Round:

Torrington 2 Rawlins 1 Rawlins Eliminated.

Cody 2 Douglas 0 Douglas Eliminated.


Powell 1 Riverton 0

Worland 4 Buffalo 0

Saturday, May 18:

Torrington 4 Cody 1 Consolation Championship

Buffalo 3 Riverton 2 Shootout: 3-1 3rd Place

Worland 2 Powell 0 State Championship

Half: Worland 1-0

Goals: Andrew Edholm (Worland) - 29th minute...Luke Mortimer (Worland) - 49th minute

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