The first special session, to be held Friday 5/15 and Saturday 5/16, will be about how to spend $1.25 billion for COVID-19 relief.

Will we need a second special session to fix the 2020 budget, since little tax money is coming into the state?

Wyoming State Representative Tyler Lindholm was good enough to call the Wake Up Wyoming show and discuss what will be in the first special session. I pressed him on the need for a second.

In the last Wake Up Wyoming Town Hall, which dealt with the economy, I asked Governor Mark Gordon the same question. His answer was unclear. I took that to mean that he was not sure.

So does that mean that Wyoming will have to reach into its "Rainy Day Fund"? Either way, there just might have to be a special session of the state legislative body to figure out what the solution will look like.

Wyoming currently has the largest Rainy Day Fund in the nation, as the state has been wise enough to save and invest its money. Current Governor Mark Gordon used to be in charge of that fund back when he was state treasurer.

Mr. Lindholm spoke in great detail as to what the first special session would be like and how it would operate under social distancing rules. Pressed on the issue of a second special session, he seem to think it would would have to happen.

The rather detailed description of the upcoming special session can be heard in the interview below.


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