Technically speaking, you don't have to be from Wyoming to run for some political offices in Wyoming.

But is there really any chance of winning when the candidate has never even been to the state? Will the voters take that person seriously?

While reviewing candidates who have announced that they are running for various offices across our state I came across Carol Hafner. She is the only Democratic candidate, at this point, to announce her candidacy for Wyoming House Of Representatives. That is the seat currently held by Liz Cheney.

Carol Hafner plans to visit the cowboy state, for the first time, next year. That's right, she is running for a seat in a state that she has never been too.

Obviously she has no idea who we are or what are needs are.

So lets imagine for a moment that she actually wins. Will she then move here in order to represent us?

Her current mailing address, as a candidate, is a drop site in Box Elder, South Dakota. She does have some family in New Jersey. But her phone number is Honolulu. So it is a curious question as to where she is actually from.

The obvious question is, why does she want to run for a seat here in Wyoming? Does the Wyoming Democrat party have a problem finding a candidate from this state? Someone who actually lives here?

As for her politics she calls herself a Democratic socialist, feminist and environmentalist.


At some point I'll get her on the morning show, as I do with all candidates, and ask her why she thinks Wyoming would have any interest in voting for her.

--- Glenn Woods

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