It was either going to happen over Douglas or Dubois, but sooner or later we were going to get another report and frankly, it's about dang time.

According to Cowboy State Daily, a Douglas family saw an unidentified flying object back in April. The sighting has been recorded at the National UFO Reporting Center.

The family claims that one night in mid-April they saw a “somewhat transparent” object in the sky. They described it as possibly crescent or saucer shaped. The object was flying across the sky when it suddenly changed direction. They say they continued to see the object over a 45-minute period.

“My family and I have never seen anything like that, and know how planes act at night,” the report said. “Low-flying craft with no lights or sound, with very little visual indication unless you see it at the right time.”

At first they thought they were just seeing strange clouds. But all that movement and sudden change of direction changed their minds.

As usual, we all want to see video or photos that, for once, are not blurry balls of light. But the family claims it was too dark to capture any images.

Richard Beckwith is Wyoming’s director of the Mutual UFO Network. Yes, there is such a thing and a person with such a job, believe it or not. He points out that most UFO sightings are terrestrial or human made objects. They were just misunderstood when seen.

“All that being said, most alleged UFO sightings can be explained by things such as meteors, airplanes, birds, balloons, fireworks, drones, etc.,” Beckwith said in an email to the Cowboy State Daily. “However, approximately 5% to 10% of UFO sightings remain unexplained. That is as true for Wyoming as it is anywhere else, perhaps even more so. People do see strange things in Wyoming and some of them cannot be explained.”

Considering how lousy 2020 has been, I bet the family in Douglas were just hoping a little too much to be picked up and carried far away to someplace better. Even if the trip involved probing.

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