He became famous way back when, with a song called The Streak. After that came a string of wild and weird songs that folks turned up every time one came on the radio. No matter how many times we heard them, we laughed and sang along. Who can forget The Mississippi Squirrel Revival and one of my all time favorites, It's Me Again Margret.

His popularity faded for a while, but came back again with the Tea Party as he wrote a string of funny, patriotic songs for the movement along with a few serious ones.

He still writes modern songs. The one about Taylor Swift stalking him is as weird and funny as you might hope.

In 2019 he was honored by the country music hall of fame for his decades of hard work making the common man laugh.

The man is getting old, but he is still working. You can see him perform live at CabaRay Showroom in Nashville, TN in 2020!

Ray is still out there. He is still singing. He's back again with a simple song called "Quarantined".

My personal opinion is that this new song is nowhere near the best he has ever done. But it does perfectly capture the mood that we are all in as we continue mucking through these coronavirus days, in the hopes that it will all be over soon.

I would suggest you visit Ray's YouTube page, for those who remember all of his greats and want to hear some new ones. For those who have never heard Ray Stevens before, you are too young to be reading this post.

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