EAST HARTFORD, Conn., -- There weren't many rants last week during the Cowboys' dominating 45-12 win over Ball State.

Today ... was a different story.

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Trailing for the majority of the day against a team that hasn't won a football game in literally 700 days tends to do that to a fanbase. Three come-from-behind victories in the first four games doesn't help, either.

This team keeps preaching about going 1-0 each week. Well, they did pull off the 24-22 win over UConn, but it's never easy, is it?

Here are today's rants and raves from the Wyoming faithful:



Twitter: What is going on with our kickoff unit? Every return against them has been huge this season. @WyoBS

Twitter: No passion or fire just sleeping walking. 30 yards in penalties already @307RicoShea

Twitter: Just a worse case scenario start for this O. Need to wake up @vinyard6565

Twitter: Pokes good at stopping themselves and making UConn look like 4-0 and not 0-4 thus far. @k_bomb

Twitter: I was fearful of a trap game. Too early but damn...not a good trend @komoval

Twitter: Offensive line... INCREDIBLY DISAPPOINTING. 11 yards rushing against a terrible team like this is sad. @UW_Cowhumans

Twitter: This looks nothing like the Pokes from the last few weeks. Hope to boys shake it off and turn it around. @Wyolaskan

Twitter: UConn now tastes blood. We are in for a dogfight. @phxpoke

Twitter: Road play vs a team who should get spanked…hope the cardiac Cowboys get this act together! @clytanic13

Twitter: Pokes look like they have lost .5% focus per mile traveled to Connecticut. @chadcraig26

Twitter: Bad play. Bad play calling Bad officiating Bad first quarter Let’s turn this around @wyolaskan

Twitter: Oh my God this is embarrassing... @brianwyo1

Twitter: One team looks like they are in Connecticut for a football game. The other looks like they are on a tourist trip @clytanic13

Twitter: We need to be more disciplined! This is so frustrating to see us continue to beat ourselves. @jfgirl89

Twitter: I seriously can't believe how often we're shooting ourselves in the foot. Bohl better be lighting these guys up at halftime @vinyard6565

Twitter: Bohl has to be atomic @rnewton75

Facebook: John RandoThose asses better be a lot smaller after halftime...first time UConn has lead at the half since Nov 2019...

Facebook: Patrick FitzgeraldThe world needs more cowboy touchdowns, and I need more beer.

Facebook: Victor ReyesI swear to God if we lose to the ghost of UConn football

Facebook: Jason FergusonForget Cal-Poly and all that. This would be the worst loss in program history.

Facebook: Cody San MiguelAh yes, the whole: "play to the level of your inferior opponent until the last 3 minutes of the game" strategy. Never fails...except when it does

Facebook: Patrick FitzgeraldThose who stay......will be alcoholics.

Facebook: Drew JonesSwitching over to the heavy stuff aka the Banquets

Facebook: Kelsey Lyn KetelsenSorry guys. It's me....when I travel with the team, this is how it goes...it'll pick up in the 2nd half...cardiac Cowboys and all....



Twitter: About damn time!!!! @jerry_hansen1

Twitter: What a throw, what a catch! @D_Whelchel

Facebook: Jeff Green: Shouldn’t be losing to this team. Pretty embarrassing

Twitter: I'm having flashbacks of Tulsa 2019 @BugherJeff

Twitter: Not happy I woke up at 0430 to watch this mess. The Pokes must be sleepier than I am. @kdwright5407

Twitter: I’ve seen some terrible losses in my life but this may well be the worst. @rideoutb33

Twitter: I mean I blitz on every single play in NFL Blitz 2001 and it works perfectly- just saying haha @jfgirl89

Twitter: We are making UConn football look like UConn women’s basketball!! @TravisStevens11

Twitter: This team gives me the most anxiety @PJThomas307

Twitter: UConn finally playing like the worst team in the FBS. @warrengreenwoo3

Twitter: I’d make the defense walk to airport @mathews_chet

Facebook: Jerry K. WalkerI'll take a close ugly win any day over a loss of any kind. Hats off to the Pokes for pulling it off and a big tip of the hat to a very fired up young UConn team.

Facebook: Dan HaleyI’m now 72 years old though …

Facebook: Andrew BercichA very poor job of preparation by the coaches. To have this team sleepwalking and still 4-0 says something. I’m just not sure what.

Facebook: Patrick FitzgeraldI bumped my cable package up for this!!!! Time to go back to basic cable. Use the money for beer.

Facebook: Patrick FitzgeraldThe 4 quarters of what we learned today biblical version:

1. Thou does not have to take 3 years off your fans lives every game.
2. Thou will not read thy press clippings.
4. Thou will memorize the first 3 commandments of my post.

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