No longer do you have to wrap the bed of your pickup in a sheet of plastic to get that summer-swimming-hole feeling.

Now you can order a pickup truck swimming pool bed liner from Walmart. Of course Walmart. Who else?

The original idea was introduced on the TV show Shark Tank. (VIDEO) and now a company is up and running under the name Pickup Pools.

It did not take long for other companies to see how simple and clever the idea was and improve on it.

The original version from Pickup Pools is just a liner that fits to the size of any pickup bed. The newer version (seen here), is inflatable and fits in the bed, making it a bit more comfortable.

The official company video from Pickup Pools, seen below, shows the many clever places to use this idea. All that is needed is a way to fill the bed of the truck with water upon arrival. But honestly, you really don't want to try and fill this thing with water then go down the interstate at 80 mph, or up a steep and bumpy mountain road with people in the back. --- Or do you?

Once again, a great idea, invented by rednecks, that everyone laughed at, is now a thing that anyone can buy in retail stores and most everyone wants to try.

The next obvious improvement would be the pickup truck spa with bubbling water. I'll let your imagination run wild on how that one will get hacked. Maybe tie everything into the engine and.. I'm sure someone will figure it out.


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