If you've been watching the news, and not just the bad news but the good news, you've seen that America, and more locally, Wyoming, is getting back to work.

If you want to make sure that your local economy gets a good kick in the pants then it is a good idea to spend a moment hunting for those local products before you go out and shop. That's actually really easy to do.

When looking for what I need, I often poke around the Made In Wyoming website in search of those local craftsmen and the quality they offer. Their website has a list of just about any product you might be looking for.

Honestly, when it comes to shopping it is quality and price that makes the decision for me. I'll spend a little extra cash for quality and better services. Unfortunately, buying local does not always guarantee the best. But in Wyoming, more often than not, I think it does.

If you are having trouble finding work and want to start your own business, or are a local producer and you need a little help, Made In Wyoming can offer that too. Joining is now easier than ever before. On their membership page is a note that reads "DUE TO COVID-19 WE ARE SUSPENDING MEMBERSHIP FEES."

With that membership comes the Made In Wyoming logo that you can proudly put right next to that Made In America logo, if you would like to see them both displayed.

We here in Wyoming keep talking about diversifying our economy. We don't necessarily need to bring businesses from out of state to do it.

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