The Wyoming Highway Patrol have arrested a man who ran from a traffic stop on Interstate 80 near Laramie today.

WHP Trooper Rick Colling said a trooper pulled over a vehicle traveling eastbound on I-80 near Laramie for traffic violations. Colling said during the stop one of the occupants of the vehicle, a young male who was not identified, ran from the car towards the Laramie Petro Travel Center.

“He [the trooper] got suspicious that there was some criminal activity afoot in the vehicle and as he was investigating – his primary suspicion was drugs of some sort – we don’t know why just yet, but this young male from North Carolina suddenly took off running and left his other two friends in the vehicle.”

Colling said the man took off running across the field toward the Petro center. Troopers caught up the man in the field before he reached the Petro. Colling said they don't know yet know why the man fled from the vehicle.

Colling said the WHP has called for a drug canine to do what Colling called a ‘free air sniff’ around the vehicle.

“We will see what happens from there,” Colling said.

Colling said he was pleased by the cooperation between the law enforcement agencies in Albany County. The Laramie Police Department, Albany County Sheriff’s Office and paramedics all responded to the call.

“I can’t say enough about the cooperation in this county with all the interagencies,” Colling said. “A lot of us such as myself we come from a lot of miles away, because we are like lone rangers out here.  But you have all these wonderful deputies, the Laramie Police officers that just jump right in and help. Because of the team effort we were able to get it cordoned off and prevent this person from reaching the Petro and getting into one of these trucks and having a real fiasco.”

It is not yet known if any charges have been filed against the young man.

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