Laramie Lady Plainsmen volleyball continues to play at a high level. Having some sister power has proven to be highly beneficial.

Having sisters contribute to a team’s achievements isn’t new, but it’s not too often you find two sets of sisters on the same roster that have played a role in the success Laramie’s enjoyed the last two volleyball seasons.

The Lady Plainsmen went undefeated in the 2020 season and won the school’s second-ever state championship. This year, LHS is 23-1, ranked No.1, and a favorite to repeat.

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Enter the Stucky and Jensen sisters.

Most Lady Plainsmen fans know about senior Alexis Stucky’s story. Her younger sister Maddy has a bright future of her own. She recently recorded the 1,000th assist in her young prep career, and she is only a sophomore.

It’s a similar story for the Jensen’s. Morgann is in her fourth year at the varsity level on the volleyball court. She plays one of the middle blocker spots for LHS. Younger sister, Noel, is in her second season and plays outside hitter.

KOWB’s David Settle caught up with the sister tandem. One thing is clear, they all love volleyball and playing with each other. Though, the sisters do have their differences.

Lady Plainsmen head coach Jill Stucky has two distinct perspectives when it comes to these four players.

Stucky admits it is different coaching her own two kids.

“Sometimes, it’s not as easy to leave everything in the gym. A lot of it trickles home to the dinner table, and sometimes we have some tears at home, but we try hard not to talk about it too much. At least that’s the case for one of my daughters. The other daughter wants to talk about it 24-7 because that’s all she wants to do in life.”

As for coaching another set of sisters, the Jensen’s, Stucky says it’s a lot of fun.

“They have a whole different sister bond than my kids do. I feel like the two of them are really special they genuinely try really hard to be respectful of each other. Mine don’t always do that, but the Jensen’s are just really good for each other, and I feel like it adds to our comradery on the team.”

Stucky added that since they all have major contributions, I feel like all of them feel a sense of purpose.

“They feel that they’re needed on the team, and everything that they can contribute is something that helps us win, and so it’s really, really neat for me as a coach to have that, just, whole aspect of the game out there on the floor together. It’s really cool.”

It’s a sister act, times two, and Laramie volleyball is a lot better for it.

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