The article in Forbes Magazine begins by naming Wyoming State Rep' Tyler Lindholm, of Sundance, "The Liberty Cowboy", in honor of his push to make Wyoming the first state to legitimize what is referred to as "cryptocurrency".

Mr. Lindholm, who I prefer to call 'The Bitcoin Cowboy,' has led the push to keep Wyoming at the tip of the spear for this new world currency.

What laws Wyoming passes, under Tyler's guidance, will be considered, copied, and referred to by lawmakers world wide for generations to come. (No pressure, Tyler).

The framework provided by Tyler's leadership in Wyoming will set the standard for special banks. Imagine a Cryptocurrency bank. The first of which might just open, soon, in Wyoming. But don't think of "bank" as in having a vault.

I asked Mr. Lindholm if that meant giving legitimacy to something that, until now, was regarded with suspicion as a black market currency. He agreed that this brings the new virtual currency into the mainstream, pointing out that even Wall Street has taken notice of it.

You can listen to the entire interview below.


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