You can take a drive down one of Wyoming's long highways, stretching to the horizons, or up through hills and mountains, and to see signs naming towns that are not there anymore. Perhaps an old building or part of a house is left. Was there ever more?

Look up an old Wyoming map online and you'll find roads, trails, and towns that, in their time, were rather well known and busy places.

Interested in more? There is a place on Facebook where folks from across the state are sharing pictures and stories of long-forgotten towns.

Ghost Towns Of Wyoming has recently posted that they've become a bit overwhelmed with the volume of pictures, information, and history that is being sent their way. A good problem to have, maybe.

The photo section of this page will amaze you with what gems have been left behind by previous generations. This site is truly a living history page. Enjoy reading, and add more if you know of something.


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