Some folks in Washington DC have recently compared their city to the state of Wyoming. Frankly, that's just reckless, inaccurate beyond belief, and down right insulting.

A seemly nice fellow from named Jim, from Washington DC, has called me on the Wake Up Wyoming show to explain how some in his city want to turn DC into a state, thus giving it a member or two in the House and a couple of senators.

Jim's phone call is at the bottom of this post.

But in their argument as to why Washington DC should be a state, they bring up the state of Wyoming for a comparison.

"...roughly 650,000 people living in DC — more than the population of Wyoming — don't have full congressional representation, since only states get voting representatives in the US House and Senate." (VOX).

To be clear, we here in Wyoming don't even want to be mentioned in the same breath as DC for a long list of reasons.

But more to to the point, there is a good reason why DC was never supposed to be a state - explained in the video below.

As interesting as it is that some in DC want to become a state, there are some states and sections of the country that want to secede instead. Are there bigger political moves behind these ideas? Yes, but we can save those conversations for another time.

Below is Jim's call from DC as he explains what he sees as a problem.


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