Three questions: Who thought of this? Does it actually work? Who's the poor sucker that got the job?

The Cody Enterprise, Cody's local newspaper, recently reported that the town bought a Compact Portable Sampler for just under $10,000. Apparently it is a machine that tests poop for coronavirus.

Compact? That means somebody got the job of sampling. Up close. Hope he was paid well.

Here  is how it works:

Apparently a five-gallon bucket is lowered down into the sewer. Yum. It fills up and then the "poo sucker", the name we gave to the sucker who actually applied for this job, who must be real fun at parties, tests the sample.

Don't give Cody such a hard time, or the guy who's job it is to test the samples. So far, the wastewater epidemiology firm Biobot has collected 300 samples in 40 states.

Park county has only had one case. So why test there? They wanted to make sure that they did not have more than was recorded.

I bet when the tester gets home from work his wife never asks him about his day.

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