It's been a wild 48 hours for the Laramie Rangers American Legion baseball program after they lost one coach and hired another.

Sources told KOWB that Mike Mendenhall, who was hired in December, backed out of the position of head coach on Saturday.

The Laramie American Legion baseball board had to scramble, but it was announced via a telephone conversation with E.J. McDonald, President of Husted-Pendleton Post 14 American Legion, that Brandon Ruckman has accepted the position as of Monday morning.

Ruckman was hired as an assistant coach. Thus, he already had the schedule for the 2015 season and will now move forward. Ruckman has experience with the legion program, having been the JV coach a few years back.

KOWB has very few details on what's transpired at present time, but will continue to follow the story. KOWB has reached out to Mike Mendenhall for comment, but has received no response.

The Laramie Rangers are scheduled to open their 2015 season in May.

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