Yes there is actually a Flat Earth Society - there just are not many members.

There was a flat earth documentary called Behind The Curve released a while ago. It was funny to watch experiments to try and prove their theory, only to have their experiment prove that the Earth is round each time, and then see them deny it.

Then there was that Flat Earther who launched himself in a home made rocket, and died, trying to prove his theory. If he had just purchased a plane ticket he would have gone higher than the homemade rocket that killed him.

It would be one thing to create internet memes about something that no one believes. But it is much more fun to create memes about a small group of people who actually believe what has been known for well over a two thousands years. Heck, we have even known the circumference of the Earth since 240 BC.

So let's see what the internet has thrown at these modern day Flat Earthers:

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