The world seems upside down. What we were once told to do out of safety and courtesy, we are now told that we need to do just the opposite in order to save the human race.

1). Cops used to tell the suspect to take off his mask. Now, they order him to put it back on.

2). Strippers at strip clubs are now told to keep something on by the people who want to see them strip.

3). People who go into strip clubs are now actually worried about catching something.

4). Everyone wants to resume sporting events and concerts; very few people actually want to go see it live.

5). People are now going to bars to social distance.

6). Before, you would get arrested for going into a bank with a mask on. Now, you get arrested if you go into a bank without a mask on.

7). People who love to hug, now get mad at you if you ask for a hug.

8). Wyoming was actually accused of being the worst in the nation at social distancing. Clearly that is the opinion of someone who has never been there.

9). We used to wish for a good, long time off so we could just sit at home, catch up on our favorite TV shows, and snack. Now, we can't wait to get back to work.

I think you get the idea. But I'm sure I have not even begun to scratch the surface, with only 9 listed. Do you have any more? Send them to us.

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