The Wyoming Highway Patrol is teaming up with the South Dakota-based Community Organized Resources for Educating (CORE) to bring CORE's "Caught in the Moment" program to Laramie High School this summer.

The program, which is geared towards freshman students, seeks to educate the next generation of drivers before they hit the roadways and was developed by South Dakota law enforcement veteran Rick McPherson. According to a press release by the Wyoming Highway Patrol, the goal of the program is to "show students how poor choices and bad habits can lead to lifelong consequences that are irreversible." "Caught in the Moment" has already become successful across the state of South Dakota and has been tested in some Wyoming communities, though the Wyoming Highway Patrol hopes to make it an annual event statewide.

The "Caught in the Moment" event takes place over the course of one day and splits students into 7 work stations that move the students through the story of bad decisions that lead to a serious crash, and the fallout after, including a funeral and a mock trial.

McPherson will be in Laramie next week to hold a meeting about the event and will host a Q&A session after the meeting. This meeting will take place in the Academic Visual Pod at Laramie High School and will start on Thursday, February 21 at 6 p.m.

The presentation is open to the public.

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