Members of the Wyoming Coaches Association have voted on which 4A boys soccer players they believe are the best in the East and West.


Justin Kerin - Cheyenne Central

Liam Lesley - Cheyenne Central

Parker Longbottom - Cheyenne Central

Decker Mattimoe - Cheyenne Central

Christian Moncrief - Cheyenne Central

Tommy Swainson - Cheyenne Central

Brayden Parker - Cheyenne East

Carter Rich - Cheyenne East

Chayce Willett - Cheyenne East

Brian Gonzales - Cheyenne South

Cohen Quist - Cheyenne South

Isiah Reynolds -Cheyenne South

Timmy Atencio - Laramie

Enrique Isidro - Laramie

Alex Moreno -Laramie

Kyle Reynolds - Laramie

Tanner Riedel - Laramie

Garret Coon - Sheridan

Aaron Sessions - Sheridan

Bryce Taylor - Sheridan

Jacoby Garcia - Thunder Basin

Isaac Howell - Thunder Basin

Logan MacKearney - Thunder Basin

Jayden Parson - Thunder Basin

Sergio Pelayo - Thunder Basin

Victor Quinones - Thunder Basin



Tyus Cornia - Evanston

Pablo Escalante - Evanston

Jess Richins - Evanston

Christian Alatorre - Green River

Haden Counts - Green River

Alex Davis - Green River

Erik Gwaltney - Green River

Gregory Marchal - Green River

Patrick Marchal - Green River

Chase Stoeger - Green River

Hector Bedolla-Zarate - Jackson

Griffin Miller - Jackson

Rico Vazquez - Jackson

Joe Gilbar - Kelly Walsh

Ramon Lopez - Kelly Walsh

Logan Soliz - Kelly Walsh

Dylan Stupak - Kelly Walsh

Teldon Zimmershied - Kelly Walsh

Joey Antonovich - Natrona County

Reegan Chadderdon - Natrona County

Nic Gindulis - Natrona County

Jordan Milby - Natrona County

Eduardo Bravo - Rock Springs

Nic Kautzman - Rock Springs

Nick Nelson - Rock Springs

Luswin Trujillo - Rock Springs

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