Let's be honest, who isn't a big fan of competition? Be it in sports rivalries, accelerating faster than someone after a stop light turns green, or trying to get more "likes" than your friends with a Facebook status, there are competitions everywhere in our everyday lives.Of the various competitions in our day-to-day lives, rivalries, such as those in sports seem to be the most fun. Not exactly sports related, but one prime example of a rivalry comes from pride in where we live. We holds our heads a little higher anytime good news elevates Laramie in the national spotlight, because it makes us feel better than other cities in our state. Likewise, whenever we see news elevating Wyoming above other states in the nation, we take great pride in knowing that our state is better than the others.

In an effort to elevate that state pride, we want to birth a rivalry between Wyoming and all of the states that border Wyoming by knowing which surrounding state you would least like to visit. We know that many of you intend to vacation some great distances this summer, but if you could choose one state bordering Wyoming NOT to visit, which one would it be?

We want to reward you just for answering this poll! Enter your answer to this poll in the Laramie Rewards Program for your chance to win some great prizes like gift cards, DVDs, and four great summer quick tips!

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