I'm a sucker for a sexy reveal, and this paleontologist does just that in this TikTok video, as he reveals a 52 million year old fossil from Green River Wyoming. If you look at the user's account, he's all over the place, digging up different fossils and doing reveals like this for those curious enough to take a peak.

What he's chipping away at, he calls a mortality plate. The mortality plate is split in half and the fossilized fish are revealed on the plate. Hundreds of fish. Check this out.

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It's really fun to think about all these creatures running around what we call the Cowboy State, millions of years ago. The video mentions that a volcano was the culprit for the fossilized fish that are uncovered in the video. So you can only imagine what our current landscape looked like back then.

The guy in the video was super excited, and giddy with anticipation of the plate reveal. I couldn't imaging what it would be like to have that as my job, clearly you don't get tired of seeing all that you see. Or, at least, if you do, you're probably in the wrong line of business. This guy was really excited to see some fossilized fish.

I'm really just waiting for this guy to uncover the water monster that would eat those fish. Maybe that'll be his next video. Honestly, I'll just keep watching the fish reveals, they're pretty fun.

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